Technology, Regulatory Affairs, and Investment Strategies Take Centerstage at IMPACT 2019

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Schwab IMPACT 2019 Conference


Technology, Regulatory Affairs, and Investment Strategies Take Centerstage at IMPACT 2019

Aaron Levitt Nov 07, 2019

The conference has begun to build on this theme with key planning sessions, including a look at China and its significance in portfolios from Matthews Asia. Here, the Asian-focused investment manager touched heavily on the trade war and gave plenty of optimism that the trade deal could happen before the end of the month. Also providing plenty of optimism was Invesco Chief Global Market Strategist Kristina Hooper through her session on the major macroeconomic themes of 2020, while FS Investments dove headfirst into using illiquid assets and alternatives for building portfolios. Megan Gorman, the managing partner at Chequers Financial Management, also provided an interesting insight into longevity planning and the continued lengthening of retirements.
Advisors also received a hefty dose of practice management and overall business issues relating to the planning world. This included a deep dive into the trends of family offices as well as a look at private equity and M&A trends in the RIA space by Hightower Advisors’ CEO Bob Oros. Given the growth potential of the industry, even smaller and niche RIAs and advisor practices could see rising interest from larger fish.
Yesterday’s topics covered a wide array of themes ranging from the political climate in Washington, D.C. and navigating the difficult fixed income space to the growing use of artificial intelligence and client transition management.
Once again, IMPACT’s third day proved to be a blockbuster one for attendees and provided plenty of insight.
Check out our Schwab IMPACT 2019 Channel to catch the latest updates from the event.

Do You Have Enough Exposure to China for Your Clients?

The duo also mentioned the continued consumer story and the successful shift of China from being a manufacturing-based economy to a consumption-based one. Savings rates in the nation are closer to 27%. This is the real story and not the continued tariffs. However, on that front, Rothman believes that a deal has a 90% chance of getting it done this month.
Be sure to check the highlights from day two of the event here.

Monetary Policy, Geopolitics and Innovation

Hopper also looked at how the world’s markets are growing at various rates and the differences continue to be striking. These differences would continue to be more pronounced moving into 2020. Investors should capitalize on them by focusing on the positive.
Finally, Hooper’s third theme was the likelihood that continued low rates set by the central banks globally would persist. The hunt for adequate income will continue to be a real challenge for many clients.

Washington & Your Money

Other Key Planning Sessions

Also, on the planning front was a long-awaited tweak by Merrill Lynch to its Client Transition Program (CTP). While not officially launched at IMPACT, it became a hot topic among advisors including a taped discussion by Mindy Diamond, president and CEO of Diamond Consultants, with Vince Fertitta, president of Sanctuary Wealth. The overall worry about such programs at IMPACT was the continued set of “handcuffs” being placed on clients and advisors.
In case you are wondering which service provider is at the IMPACT 2019 conference, check out our list here.

Another Great Day at IMPACT

With the fourth and final day ahead, the breadth of knowledge has already surpassed previous conferences.

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