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Guide to Alternatives Funds and ETFs

Our alternative investment theme page comprises mutual funds and ETFs neatly organized under various alternatives investment strategies. Unlike traditional asset classes like equities and bonds, alternative asset class is not suitable for everyone due to various challenges including a requirement for higher risk-appetite and valuation concerns. Alternatives typically include real-estate, commodities, currencies and volatility-based investment options.

The alternative theme page is specifically suited for investors aware of the pros and cons of non-traditional asset classes. It is important to note that every alternative asset listed on this page is unique in terms of its risk-return profile. So, based on an investor’s objectives, liquidity requirements and risk-appetite one should carefully evaluate different options on this page.

Click on any investment theme listed on this page to explore all the available mutual fund and ETF options within that theme. You can independently browse a list of mutual funds and ETFs under every theme, wherever applicable.

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