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Guide to ESG Funds and ETFs

Our environment, social and governance (ESG) investment theme page comprises mutual funds and ETFs neatly organized under various ESG strategies. ESG is also referred to as sustainable or socially responsible investing. Under this theme, fund companies factor in various environmental, social and governance factors while selecting a specific security. Typically fund companies deploy a third-party or a proprietary ESG scoring system to evaluate different options for including in their funds.

The ESG theme page comprises ESG-oriented funds that can cater to a wide range of investor preferences. Based on an investor’s priority or preference for a specific ESG criteria, a relevant theme can be selected from this page. Further, investors can select ESG funds providing selective exposure to different asset classes, sectors or geographies.

Click on any investment theme listed on this page to explore all the available mutual fund and ETF options within that theme. You can independently browse a list of mutual funds and ETFs under every theme, wherever applicable.