Q&A with Brian Ross, CEO of Flyer

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Brian Ross

Expert Opinion

Q&A with Brian Ross, CEO of Flyer

Ajay Singh Nov 22, 2019

MutualFunds.com got an opportunity to ask Brian Ross, CEO of Flyer, about the company’s products and how they can benefit different entities within the wealth management industry. Read the Q&A below to learn more.
MutualFunds.com: Please introduce your company.

Brian Ross (BR): Flyer is a leading technology provider of trading tools, connectivity and infrastructure for wealth management and capital markets firms. The company is headquartered in New York, NY, with an office also located in Hyderabad, India.
MutualFunds.com: What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
BR: Trading and post-trade processing is a very manual process in wealth management across all players, such as RIAs, IBDs, broker-dealers, custodians and money managers. We no longer work in a world where a) bespoke, ad hoc spreadsheets with customized calculations, b) email communications, c) various file formats, d) manual validations and e) disparate systems and repetitive steps are the best way to trade with custodians and banks.
MutualFunds.com: Why is this problem worth solving?
BR: Flyer is focused on standardizing and automating these processes across the wealth management industry to improve efficiencies, achieve greater scale and reduce operational risks while enabling advisors and money managers to provide a higher level of service. Flyer automates the trade lifecycle with Co-Pilot, an order management system, and Flyer Trading Network, a multi-asset trading network. The platform unifies access to major custodians and brokers while providing intelligent Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Application Programming Interface (APIs) for managing positions, orders, trades and allocations.
MutualFunds.com: What differentiates your products/solution?
BR: Flyer provides a fully integrated product, Co-Pilot OMS and Flyer Trading Network, that centralizes the trading workflows along with deep integrations with brokers and custodians. Additionally, Flyer’s agility to enhance both products affords all clients and partners the advantage to use the latest workflows. Lastly, Flyer approaches the business and product development initiatives in a scalable manner to handle clients and partners of various sizes and functions (RIAs, IBDs, asset managers, TAMPs and broker-dealers).
MutualFunds.com: Are there any upcoming announcements in the near future?
BR: Last week, Flyer announced its integration with Envestnet |Tamarac. The partnership joins the Tamarac platform with Flyer’s Co-Pilot order management system and the Flyer Trading network. Advisors using Tamarac Trading now have access to enhanced trading capabilities to streamline operations, eliminate errors and improve outcomes for clients.
MutualFunds.com: What is the best way for prospective clients to learn more about you?
BR: You can learn more about us from our website here.
MutualFunds.com: What was your biggest takeaway from the IMPACT 2019 Conference?
BR: Schwab is on fire and so was tech alley! Our team was blown away by the wave of technology and innovation, especially APIs. With the uptick in order management systems, we are seeing trading API adoption, which is resulting in automated order blocking, single-click trading and improved allocation handling. This has led to new portfolio trading tools being better able to process equities, mutual funds, options, bonds and alternatives.
Be sure to check our Schwab IMPACT 2019 channel to catch all the highlights from the conference.

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